MileGate Circuit Emulation Services

AvailabilityOn request On request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, hands-on 1 Day Content LevelStandard Min. 4 - max. 8 Location English, German

This course focuses on the technology of Circuit-Emulation-Services-over-Packet (CESoP), and its implementation on the MileGate platform.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the protocols, standards and vital considerations in designing a CES network.

Target Group

The MileGate unit which supports this technology, CEOP1, is introduced.

Students will be given practical and comprehensive instruction on working with this unit – including all areas of commissioning, monitoring, testing and fault-finding using MCST.

This course is designed for engineers and planners who have an interest in the scope and capabilities of the CES function of the MileGate platform, and wish to gain the skills to successfully commission and maintain it.

Key Topics
  • Introduction to CESoP
  • The challenges of packet loss, latency and jitter
  • Synchronisation over a PSN using adaptive clock recovery
  • CESoP applications
  • CEOP1 unit features (CESoP)
  • CEOP1 configuration
    • Initial setup
    • Pseudo-wire commissioning
    • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Practical work
  • Related fault-finding and trouble-shooting
  • Successful completion of MileGate Fundamentals course.
  • Successful completion of MileGate TDM Essentials course.
  • Some background knowledge or experience with CES would be an advantage.
Documentation Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.