MileGate Voice Gateways

AvailabilityOn request On request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, hands-on 1 Day Content LevelStandard Min. 4 - max. 8 Location English, German

This course builds on the topics covered during the MileGate TDM Essentials course. It focuses on the TDM-based and NGN packet-based voice gateway functionality supported on the MileGate platform.

The common signalling protocols of V5.x, MEGACO (also known as H.248) and SIP are introduced together with the relevant TDM and VoIP-based network architectures.

Target Group

The MileGate units supporting these protocols are introduced: PCOM4 and IPSM4/IPSS4, together with an overview of the associated subscriber interface units.

The course is designed for planners and engineers and has a high element of practical work using MCST.

Key Topics
  • V5.x protocols
  • PCOM4 unit features (V5.x)
  • PCOM4 configuration, monitoring and testing
  • H.248/MEGACO and SIP protocols
  • MileGate in telephony NGN (using MEGACO)
  • MileGate in Multimedia NGN (using SIP)
  • IPSS4 unit features (SIP)
  • IPSS4 configuration, monitoring and testing
  • IPSM4 unit features (MEGACO)
  • IPSM4 configuration, monitoring and testing
  • Practical work
  • Related fault-finding and trouble-shooting
  • Successful completion of MileGate Fundamentals course.
  • Successful completion of MileGate TDM Essentials course.

Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.