DZS-KEYMILE - A company with a long tradition

2019 KEYMILE becomes European headquarters of DASAN Zhone Solutions after having been acquired by DZS
2017 KEYMILE sells its product portfolio for mission-critical communications networks to ABB and focusses on broadband networks
2015 Product launch XMC20
2013 KEYMILE acquires HYTEC Ger├Ątebau GmbH
2010 KEYMILE acquires Aastra Networks GmbH
2006 KEYMILE sells system integrator Datentechnik GmbH
2005 Product launch MileGate
2003 KEYMILE acquires ke Kommunikations-Elektronik GmbH in Hanover which means a further step towards strengthening the market leading position in the "last mile"
2002 Datentechnik AG acquires Ascom Transmission AG, thereby founding KEYMILE

ASCOM Transmission AG

2002 Datentechnik AG acquires Ascom Transmission from Ascom, thereby creating KEYMILE, a leading European telecommunications access equipment supplier
1998 ATR has started global expansion: year to date local support centres or subsidiaries have been established in Australia, Brazil, France and UK
1997 Ascom repurchased Ericsson's shares and ATR became a fully owned subsidiary of Ascom
1992 ATR is created as a joint venture with LM Ericsson
1991 Product launch UMUX
1984 Autophon, Hasler and Zellweger had contracted to cooperate more closely, leading to the creation of Ascom Holding Ltd. in June 1987

ke Kommunikations-Elektronik GmbH

2003 KEYMILE acquires ke
2000 Launch of LineRunner transmission systems
1999 Integration into Alcatel and adaptation of company name due to formal reason
1994 Launch of the HYTAS system
1990 Foundation of ke Kommunikations-Elektronik GmbH
1981 Successor company is kabelmetal electro
1967 Successor company is Kabel und Metallwerke GHH AG
1900 Foundation of Hackethaldraht GmbH