Network management system UNEM

UNEM is the network management system for the MileGate access platform.

Based on LINUX workstations, UNEM provides all the functions required for operating and carrying out maintenance on complex MileGate networks:

  • Full support of the graphical display of the network layout, including a multi-level
  • Dynamic screen display in real-time, i.e. location and origin of all alarms or malfunctions are displayed immediately
  • Multi-user system that can be operated just as efficiently as an individual work place, or in a client-server configuration

MCST – configuration software for MileGate

MCST (MileGate Configuration Software Tool) is an LCT (Local Craft Terminal) for MileGate. UNEM switches automatically to MCST when choosing a single network element in the graphical user interface. The user-friendly configuration and maintenance program provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with all functions required to configure and operate individual network elements.

MCST has functions for:

  • Service provisioning
  • Monitoring performance data
  • Managing inventory data
  • Managing firmware or network elements

UNEM Highlights

Provision and configuration of all services from a single network management system
Intuitive graphical and hierarchical display of the network
Configuration management
Simple alarm management
Tests and diagnosis functions
Performance management
Security management
Long-term, secure data storage, based on a modern database
SNMP northbound interface that supports trap-based fault management and basic inventory management
Syslog northbound interfaces for event and alarm information
Northbound interface for generating inventary reports
Integration in service provisioning applications via CLI
Supports large-scale provisioning of services in newly developed areas

Data sheet

Data Sheet Network Management System UNEM (4 MB)