Speed up your broadband network!

With our solutions for ultra high-speed copper and optical fibre access.

Implement any kind of Fibre-to-the-x network and offer your customers ultra high-speed broadband flexibly.

For more information about the solutions from DZS please visit the DZS website.

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Optical Line Terminals (OLTs)

OLT system famlly for high-density passive optical networks for up to 10 Gbps via XGS-PON

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G.fast DPUs for connecting FTTB areas at data rates of almost 2 Gbps over existing inhouse cablings

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Flexible Multi-Service Access Node for expanding any FTTH, FTTB or FTTC network

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Designed for FTTH/FTTB, supports both active and passive optical Ethernet via one single platform

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Network Management System

The network management system for operation and maintenance of KEYMILE broadband systems networks

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Smart Premise Gateways

DZS offers service providers building FTTx networks ONTs that are well adapted to their specific requirements (DZS website)

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The DZS solution for passive optical LANs, based on well-established fiber broadband technology

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