Announcing a return delivery and requesting an RMA number

RMA stands for Return Material Authorisation. An RMA number denotes a unique ID, that you attach to your return delivery to accelerate the processing.

With the DZS-KEYMILE RMA Request Tool you can specify the article and describe the fault or damage and announce the return delivery.

In response, DZS-KEYMILE sends you the RMA number that you must include in the delivery note and attach to the package(s). This allows the unique identification of the returned articles at DZS-KEYMILE and accelerates the repair process.

To request an RMA number you have to be a registered Extranet user and must be logged in. Proceed to login.

For further details on the RMA process, the registration in the Extranet, the RMA Request Tool, and the DZS-KEYMILE Terms of Repair refer to the following documents available for download.

Customer information RMA-process (12 KB)
RMA Instruction - step-by-step (166.2 KB)
General KEYMILE Terms of Repair (175.4 KB)