1/10 Gigabit Ethernet Access Switches

The V2724 is a compact Access switch with Active Ethernet optimized to enable Network operators to offer high-speed broadband services easily and cost-effectively in P2P FTTH networks.

At only 1U and 240mm deep, the V2724 can easily be deployed in new or existing installations. Due to its  extended temperature range, this switch can also be installed in street cabinets or outdoor enclosures.

Extensive Access Switch functionality for residential as well as business subscriber is supported, which allows TriplePlay services (Internet Access, Video and Voice) as well as business services.

Wide range of Layer 2 features such as for example VLAN tagging, VLAN translation, private VLAN, Multicast  features, QoS, L2 control transparency, rate limiting and security features are provided.

The V2724 offers a nonblocking switching architecture with a capacity of 88 Gbps. This means that even at full capacity, it always has enough power reserves to transmit data at wire speed, thus providing subscribers with unlimited Internet access.

It comes in two versions, each with either 1G or 10G support:The V2724xG is an access switch for Ethernet FTTH applications. Network operators can connect up to 24 end-users at 1/10 Gbps over single fibres using SFP modules.

The V2724xT is designed for FTTB applications. It features 24 subscriber interfaces, each subscriber is connected via RJ45 connections with 1/10 Gbps.

Access Switches Highlights

24 optical single fibre enduser interfaces via SFP (FTTH) or RJ45 (FTTB)
Compact 1HU chassis suitable for indoor and outdoor deployments, with AC & DC variants
Extensive Layer2 access switch functions with non-blocking switching architecture
Uplink over 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet with ring protection and Link Aggregation
Management via CLI or SNMPv2/v3, plus NETCONF / YANG enabled for SDN network

Data Sheet Access Switches

Gigabit Ethernet Access Switches (1.5 MB)