Circuit emulation (TDM over Packet)

Despite the conversion of many core networks to Ethernet/IP, traditional data interfaces remain important. Many applications still require E1 interfaces in order to continue the operation of installed equipment. To transmit TDM data over Ethernet networks, the TDM data stream is converted using SAToP (Structure Agnostic TDM over Packet) into Ethernet packets. It can then be transmitted through a packet-based network via what are known as pseudo wires. This data is then converted back into a TDM data stream at any location. The E1 clock signal is transmitted at the same time.

IP-MSAN MileGate

MileGate is a multi-service, packet-transport platform that combines Ethernet SDH and PDH technology in one single subrack. With its circuit-emulation function, MileGate can convert TDM services into Ethernet packets and back.

  • Circuit emulation at up to 8 x 2 Mbps pseudo wires per circuit emulation board
  • Access to the TDM busAccess to the TDM bus
  • Highly accurate and stable clock recovery to ITU-T G.823
  • Precise and consistent holdover