Enabling the Hyper-Connected World

DZS is a leading provider of broadband access, 4G/5G communications and connected premises solutions for a hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world. The company at the Hertford location operated under the name KEYMILE until November 2020.

Our products and solutions

Our portfolio includes innovative products for 1G/10G fibre access via XGS-PON, GPON, NG-PON and Active Ethernet.

High-performance G.fast-DPUs enable up to 2 Gbpss over existing copper cables in FTTB networks.

We offer a comprehensive range of ONTs and CPEs for network termination at the end customer.

DZS is a specialist in disaggregated platforms, SDN and virtualization, making investments in our access platforms future-proof.

For corporate networks, DZS offers FiberLAN, a fiber optic broadband LAN solution that brings the advantages of PON networks in terms of bandwidth, security, reliability, cost and space savings to corporate LAN environments.

The DZS front and backhaul solutions for mobile networks enable highly reliable 4G/5G communications, for example in campus networks, with lowest latency for highest mobile capacity, coverage and QoS in the coming 5G era.

Over 1,000 service providers, operators, and enterprises in over 100 countries have leveraged DZS innovation, open solutions, and agility to arm them with the network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead in their markets and deliver an unrivaled communications experience.

With manufacturing, engineering, service and support centers of excellence spread across the globe, DZS is positioned to bring next-generation technologies and world-class solutions to service providers and enterprises who are poised to transform, compete and win.

The DZS EMEA headquarters is located in Hanover.

Discover our comprehensive and verstatile solutions porfolio!

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