Ultra-compact GPON ONT for DIN rail

The GPON ONT H642F is specially designed for use in the smart metering environment. It provides two Ethernet interfaces for the parallel transmission of smart metering and smart home data or the Internet connection.

Advantage for network operators:

  • It can securely transmit the utility's data and in parallel
  • provides a Gigabit interface for broadband Internet connection or the transmission of data from smart home applications

The Application

Meet legal requirements, transmit consumption data and offer broadband Internet at the same time

Utilities and legal authorities increasingly require the transmission of consumption data to the utilities from their consumers. DZS has developed the GPON ONT H642F for this application. The ONT is plugged directly onto a DIN rail. It connects the smart meter, which collects the consumption data, to a GPON access network. The transmission of the metering data can be combined with connecting the households to high-speed Internet via GPON. With its transparent bridge, two Ethernet interfaces, an integrated AC power supply and ultra-compact design, the ONT is ideal for the integration into smart metering and for FTTH network terminations.

GPON ONT H642F Highlights

Ultra-compact design
Optimized for usage in the Smart-Metering area
Provides two Ethernet interfaces: 1x 1000BaseT and 100BaseT with transparent bridge
Supports OMCI management
Uplink via GPON Class B (SC/APC)
Integrated 115/230V AC power supply

Data Sheet H642F

Ultra-compact GPON ONT for DIN rail H642F (784.9 KB)