Accredited Test Laboratory for electromagnetic Compatibility

Benefit from our expertise

The use of progressively efficient electrical and electronic components, equipment, machinery and systems has substantially increased in all sectors. So it's even more important for the manufacturer to ensure that their products "function in their electro-magnetic environment properly without causing interference to other electrical goods".

European and international bodies have ensured that EMC guidelines and norms have been standardised specifically and now a legal framework for these exists in the European Union and other markets.

The EMC test laboratory which is accredited since 2000 by the "Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle" (DAkkS) (certificate) tests all DZS access solutions for the verification of electromagnetic compatibility. Moreover the EMC test laboratory provides a comprehensive and interesting service portfolio for external customers that professionally covers all relevant fields with consultative planning to test reports conforming to standards EN ISO/IEC 17025.
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