Environmental management

DZS is aware of its responsibility with regard to society and for this reason we have implemented an environmental management system. This system makes sure with organizational measures that aimed goals and internal specifications are realised and legal demands are fulfilled in time. A continuous process of improvement provides a steady increase of environmental achievement and the reduction of environmental stress.

The environmental management system is certified according to EN ISO 14001.

Our environmental policy

  • All products developed by us have to be
    • environmentally sound
    • reusable or environment friendly to be disposed of.
  • Environmental relevant activities, products and services are constantly improved to reduce environmental hazardous impacts. We aim at a reduction of the consuption of environmental relevant substances to protect resources and to relieve the environment.
  • We oblige to observe valid environmental laws mentioned in a cataster of rights. Moreover we consider other requirements (e.g. administrative or local) on environmental protection that are valid in this respect.
  • We want to assess the environmental hazardous impacts of activities, products and services on the basis of classification numbers to derive new targets.
  • Our environmental policy is documented in the environmental management system and is evaluated in constant intervals.
  • Our employees and contractors have to be informed and trained so that they can observe their resonsibility in line with our environmental policy.
  • Environmental Management is provided on the Internet for anyone interested.
ISO14001 Certificate (DZS GmbH Germany) (148.2 KB)