The fiber broadband technology for LAN environments

Optical Switch FL-108

DZS’ passive optical LAN solution, called FiberLAN, is an innovative extension of well-established fiber broadband technology. It delivers the bandwidth, security, reliability, cost and space savings of fiber to enterprise LAN environments.

The layer 2 transport infrastructure delivers converged voice, video and data services at Gigabit levels over a single strand of fiber to the end user.

FiberLAN reduces the cost of LAN infrastructure cabling and electronics to a fraction of what is required to a traditional copper infrastructure. This plug-and-play solution also cuts significantly power consumption, space requirements, capital costs, while at the same time improving availability and manageability.

Target markets fiber-based LAN networks

Healthcare: FiberLAN optical fibre solution for LAN environments Education: FiberLAN optical fibre solution for LAN environments Hospitality: FiberLAN optical fibre solution for LAN environments E-government: FiberLAN optical fibre solution for LAN environments

FiberLAN benefits

  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Higher availability and security
  • Future proof infrastructure
  • Better reach
  • More bandwidth
  • Eco-friendly


Bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps
Very high availability of 99.9998%
Configuration and management via CLI and Web GUI
For data, video, voice services, PoE for CCTV, gateways etc.
Energy savings of up to 80%
Reduces space requirements by up to 90%
Reduces investment per network element by up to 50%
Reduces operational costs by up to 50%


Building a cost-efficient and future-proof IT infrastructure with passive optical LANs


Product Overview FiberLAN (887.8 KB)

FiberLAN Products

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