G.fast DPUs highlights

Fibre-like speed at copper access deployment conditions
G.fast 212MHz with VDSL2 fallback
Very good scalability with 4, 8, 16 or 24 Ports
Wall mounting – no additional enclosure needed
Flexible power options: Local Power Feeding and Reverse Power Feeding
Passive cooling – absolutely no noise
Door lockable / intrusion alarm
Easy installation – no fixed “cable tail”
Management via CLI, SNMP, Netconf/Yang and web GUI
Variable trunk: 10 GbE,1 GbE active Ethernet or GPON/XGS-PON
Premium services mean quicker return on investment (RoI)
TV offering is flexible, with a combination of cable television and IPTV

The sytem family

MileGate 2053 G.fast DPU G.fast-DPU MileGate 205x with 4, 8 und 16 Ports offers G.fast up to 212 MHz for ultra-broadband FTTB applications, with reverse power feeding and MELT functionality
G.fast-DPU MileGate 204x with 8 and 4 ports, G.fast 212 MHz for nearly 2 Gbps, data transfer via SFP/SFP+ (P2P 1G and 10G or GPON)
G.fast-DPU MileGate 2144 offers 24 G.fast connections with profile 212a for ultra-broadband connections out of technical rooms


Application Notes FTTB

For network operators - MileGate 2042 G.fast DPU for high-speed broadband in apartment buildings (381.4 KB)
For the housing industry - Cost-effective solution for ultra-fast broadband in apartment buildings (382.7 KB)


Product Overview G.fast Distribution Point Units (774.7 KB)

Data sheets

MileGate 205x G.fast Distribution Point Unit (DPU) for ultra-fast broadband FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building) applications (323.6 KB)
MileGate 204x Distribution Point Unit (DPU) optimised for ultra-high-speed FTTB applications with support of G.fast 212 Mhz (305.2 KB)
MileGate 2144 G.fast DPU with 24 G.fast ports with profile 212a for ultra-broadband connection (315.8 KB)

White Paper

G.fast and VDSL2 There you go.pdf (423.2 KB)