KEYMILE announces 40 GbE uplink core unit for MileGate

11. March 2014

The new core unit for KEYMILE's MileGate 2310 and 2510 subracks offers two 40 Gigabit and three 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks for ultra-fast broadband access. At the same time the new core unit will now enable 10 GbE connection of the service units to each core unit.

The core unit functions as a central Ethernet switch and controls each of the boards in KEYMILE's MileGate 2310 and 2510 subracks via the back plane and ensures uplink of the Ethernet data. If QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) modules are used, bandwidth of 40 gigabit Ethernet times two are available. With SFP+ modules the factor is up to three times 10 gigabit Ethernet. The new core unit activates the 10 GbE star in the MileGate 2510 and 2310 subracks. The 10 GbE benefits all prepared boards already used by customers – for example Ethernet boards. Furthermore, two redundant core units each can be applied to protect data transmission. Network operators can also use the three 10 gigabit Ethernet interfaces to cascade or ring route with further MileGate nodes.
Some of the typical scenarios for the new core unit are infrastructures that allow very high bandwidths, such as in FTTC architectures with VDSL2 including vectoring, or FTTH Ethernet-P2P access points. As an alternative, the GPON-OLT card for MileGate is also an option for setting up passive optical FTTH networks. The new core unit makes network operators fit for the future and they can already get their network ready today for rising bandwidth demand, for example for 3D, 4k or 8k TV. Depending on bandwidth requirements, in the beginning network operators can deploy the core unit together with SFP+ modules for the 10 gigabit Ethernet uplink and later with QSFP+ modules for 40 gigabit Ethernet.
The core unit's timing and syncing function offers a 2 MHz reference input and supports synchronous Ethernet as well as IEEE-1588v2 (PTP, Precision Timing Protocol). These options permit synchronous timing and a high level of frequency accuracy in the sub-microsecond range which are required for mobile backhaul applications for example.
The new core unit for MileGate 2310 and 2510 will be available in the middle of the year.

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