KEYMILE’s GPON OLT MileGate 3510 platform offers exceptional scalability in passive optical networks

18. May 2017

The new GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) MileGate 3510 platform enables high bitrate access in passive optical networks, good scalability and excellent performance with non-blocking 640 Gbps switch units. MileGate 3510 allows network operators to provide a variety of services, such as ultra-high-speed Internet access, Ethernet-based IP telephony and video services, cost efficiently.

The latest solution from the MileGate family for broadband network operators offers 96 GPON ports from which 12,288 customers can be connected. Network operators can easily adapt the network node to local requirements and customer numbers because the flexible configuration of the hardware and modular design with various boards makes it highly scalable. The system architecture is fully redundant and ensures an outstanding degree of fail-safe operation. Network operators can manage all MileGate 3510 functions centrally via KEYMILE’s UNEM management system. If required, alarm signals and inventory data can also be received via an SNMP manager.

The GPON OLT (Optical Line Termination) MileGate 3510 is used in the exchange while only passive splitters are still found in the FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Curb) location. Optical fibres are only split here, so network operators don’t incur any energy costs because this site requires no electricity supply. There is also no need to carry out maintenance on active components.

One of the ways that active and passive access technology differs is in the use of the optical fibres. While in the case of the active type a dedicated optical fibre leads from the central infeed point to the customer in a point-to-point structure (P2P), PON systems use the optical fibre infrastructure to a FTTC location jointly for several customers. It’s only then that an optical splitter separates the signals for individual customer connections. In terms of the topology, the passive networks follow a tree structure with splitters in the transmission path.

Network operators can use active point-to-point infrastructure and passive optical infrastructure to set up optical fibre networks to the building (FTTB) or homes (FTTH). In the case of FTTB, the network operator terminates the optical fibre with a DSLAM in a multi-residential building. Each of the subscribers is then connected from here. KEYMILE has powerful and future-proof solutions in its portfolio for both network architectures.

The GPON OLT MileGate 3510 platform is available now.

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