KEYMILE presents newest FTTB solution MileGate 2012

6. June 2016

KEYMILE’s new MileGate 2012 micro-DSLAM enables ultra-fast broadband for FTTB rollouts. Data rates of 1,000 Mbps are possible via the copper wire pairs in the existing cabling. Network operators can therefore tap into new options when connecting FTTB areas.

KEYMILE’s MileGate 2012 micro-DSLAM is a node that’s dedicated to FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building) installations. FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) theoretically achieves data transmission rates of more than 1,000 Mbps, but is not the most cost-efficient solution for all appli-cations. With eight interfaces, FTTB with MileGate 2012 is comparable in terms of perform-ance, but much more economical. The 106 MHz profile delivers data rates of 1,000 Mbps via the building's existing copper-wire pairs. Users can install terminal equipment themselves and retain the benefit of copper-access technology.

The MileGate 2012 micro-DSLAM is fitted directly to the wall of a building, can be locked up and is cooled passively, so no noise is emitted. An alarm immediately reports any unauthorised attempt to gain access to the operator’s network management system.

Thanks to the VDSL2 mode, MileGate 2012 allows seamless migration to higher band-widths. Network operators can start with VDSL2 and switch to if demand grows. Furthermore, by using different frequency bands, ADSL or VDSL2 signals can coexist on the same cable.

An optional CATV module also allows network operators through MileGate 2012 to provide broad-band cable TV via existing coaxial cabling. The CATV signal is fed to MileGate 2012 through sepa-rate optical fibre or via overlay.

The new FTTB solution MileGate 2012 is available now.

Data sheet MileGate 2012

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