New GPON ONT from DZS supports smart metering and gigabit Internet speeds

9. December 2020

DZS, a broadband access innovator and global market leader spanning fixed and mobile edge access and connected premises solutions for service providers and enterprises, is launching a new GPON optical network terminal (ONT) for use in smart metering applications. The ultra-compact H642F GPON ONT enables the transmission of smart metering data and parallel broadband Internet services with two Ethernet ports, opening up completely new possibilities for broadband network operators.

The new smart metering ONT from DZS is a market innovation with its two Ethernet ports for smart metering data and high-speed Internet. The GPON-ONT H642F is currently the only device of its kind to feature two Ethernet interfaces with transparent bridge: a 1000-BaseT and a 100-Base-T interface. This not only allows telecommunications network operators to transfer data from a smart metering gateway to intelligent water, electricity or gas meters, but also enables them to connect subscribers to the Internet via a gigabit interface or enable them to transmit smart home data.

Thomas Schulz, Managing Director of innosaxess GmbH: "This new product offers a completely new approach to the digitization of municipal utilities and other energy suppliers. The solution shows that it was developed in close coordination with the requirements of the municipal utilities. DZS is making a name for itself here as an innovation leader. innosaxess GmbH advises municipal utilities on digitization projects and, as a member of BREKO, is also networked with the broadband network operators.

With the new H642F ONT, DSZ addresses new legal requirements for the transmission of consumption data to energy suppliers. Starting in 2020, consumption points with a consumption of more than 6,000 kWh per year must automatically transmit their data to the utility via a secure smart metering gateway. The FNN base meter is intended for this purpose, whose minimum requirements are described in the specifications of the Forum Netztechnik/Netzbetrieb (FNN), contains a DIN top-hat rail to accommodate transmission technology.

The new ONT from DZS can be plugged directly onto this DIN rail. Its ultra-compact design, which was specifically architected to take advantage of the limited space available in the meter, ensures that the fiber optic cable is guided in accordance with the regulations. The interfaces are located on the underside of the ONT. An integrated 230-volt AC power supply unit also allows it to be powered directly from the base meter. In addition to OLTs from DZS, the ONT also supports third-party solutions such as Nokia and Huawei.

The H642F can be configured and monitored via the ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI). This interface is an ITU-standardized interface for remote management of ONTs.

The ONT will be available immediately.

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