KEYMILE presents a new GPON-member of the MileGate product family

25. April 2017

KEYMILE is showcasing its product portfolio aimed at operators of broadband networks at the 2017 exhibition for fibre optic technology held by the Federal Association for Broadband Communications (BREKO) taking place on April 25 and 26 in Frankfurt am Main. New products presented include the MileGate 3510, a dedicated GPON OLT terminal.

KEYMILE will present the brand new MileGate 3510 as a new GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) member of the MileGate product family at booth number 13 at the BREKO exhibition for fibre optic technology. Installed in a 6 HU subrack, the MileGate 3510 offers high port density of up to 96 GPON ports. As uplink, it supports four 1/10 GbE Ethernet interfaces.

Additional benefits of the new MileGate 3510 include high scalability and outstanding energy efficiency. This makes the GPON OLT (Optical Line Termination) terminal a perfect match for the cost-efficient development of new fibre optic networks. MileGate 3510 can be managed centrally via the KEYMILE network management system UNEM.

With MileGate 3510, network operators can run fibre optic networks to the buildings (FTTB) or homes (FTTH) using passive optical infrastructures. A splitting ratio of 1:128 enables network operators to connect up to 12,288 customers via a single node. The flexible hardware configuration means that operators are not limited to a 1:128 splitting ratio but can also use passive splitters in-stalled on the level of a suburb, residential complex or village in other ratios, such as 1:64, 1:32 or 1:16. This enables them to perfectly adjust the network terminal to the requirements of their individual network.

In addition to the new MileGate 3510, KEYMILE will also showcase its proven and powerful solutions for broadband networks. These include the flexible multi-service access platform MileGate 2510/2310/2200 and the MileGate 2012, a that has been optimised for FTTB installations. The MileGate 2012 is capable of delivering data speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps using the twisted copper pair of the existing in-house cabling. This opens up new opportunities for network operators seeking to expand coverage in areas serviced by FTTB. Finally the fibre optic solution MileGate Fibre Series impresses with its low energy consumption, highest port density and scalability, which means the product is perfectly suited to support the cost-effective installation of fibre optic networks.

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