KEYMILE adds MileGate 2112 to its FTTB solutions

5. June 2018

Due to its compact 1 HU design, the FTTB MileGate 2112 solution can offer 16 ports. It allows KEYMILE to expand its FTTB portfolio with a powerful solution for multi-residential and office buildings.

With 16 ports, KEYMILE’s micro DSLAM MileGate 2112 for creating FTTB (Fibre-To-The-Building) topologies offers a high level of port density to connect multi-residential and commercial buildings. Similarly to the 8-port micro DSLAM MileGate 2012, the MileGate 2112 also uses the 106 MHz profile. As a result, network operators can use existing copper wire pairs to achieve data rates of 1 Gbps. These are transmission rates via copper wire that can otherwise only be achieved with optical fibre. Residential and corporate customers can install the required terminal equipment themselves because the existing copper access technology in the building is used.

MileGate 2112 also offers two uplink ports with a high degree of variability. Network operators can fit the MileGate 2112 with up to two plug-in modules with network interfaces. Therefore, it can be modified in accordance with the network concerned, such as a 1 GbE aggregation network, 1 or 10 GbE rings or subtending with an electric interface. The maximum size is 2 x 10 Gbps. Network operators can also start with 1 Gbps and upgrade to 10 Gbps as required. 

While network operators can fit the MileGate 2012 micro DSLAM directly to the wall in a building, MileGate 2112 is designed like a pizza box and used in a 19-inch rack. These are accommodated in the plant rooms of multi-residential buildings. Connecting multi-residential buildings with optical fibre (FTTB) and via the copper wire pair on the last few metres to the end-customer’s home is an ideal solution regarding the data transmission rate. It combines the advantages of the optical fibre with the existing copper-based access technology in the building.

MileGate 2112 is available from September 2018.

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