MileGate Fibre Series - flexible optical MSAN for active and passive optical Ethernet

MileGate Fibre Series is a perfect fit for FTTH/FTTB applications and supports both active and passive optical Ethernet via one single platform simultaneously. Based on the MileGate 2510, the MileGate Fibre Series provides easy fibre management as well as fast and easy access for operation and maintenance. Lab-tested EMC makes operation reliable also when operated without cover. Via a redundant core unit MileGate Fibre Series offers top availability in hot-standby mode.

MileGate Fibre Series Highlights

High-capacity through high bit rate connection with 40 GbE uplinks for services requiring a lot of bandwidth
Cost-efficient due to its top port density with up to 480 optical fibre connections in P2P networks and up to 160 GPON ports in PON networks with excellent access for maintenance
First-class availability and reliability at a service life of over 50 years with excellent MTBF figures
Flexible implementation in exchanges and outdoor cabinets due to its compact design, low power consumption and extended temperature range with specification surpassing industry requirements
Developed and produced in Germany
An excellent eco footprint due to environmentally friendly production and low power consumption
Ideal for corporate customer services with TLS and PLS in P2P networks
Lab-tested EMC makes operation reliable
Excellent compatibility with terminal equipment

MileGate Fibre Series is ideal for the following applications

Flexible setup and expansion of FTTH/FTTB networks with P2P or PON architectures


Product Overview Optical MSAN MileGate Fibre Series (2.3 MB)

Data Sheets Units Optical MSAN

Core Unit with 40 Gbps Uplinks COGE4 (168.6 KB)
12 port Optical-Electrical Ethernet Unit SUE12 (502.6 KB)
24-port Optical Ethernet Unit SUE16 (539 KB)
Integrated GPON OLT Unit SUGP1 (478.8 KB)


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