UIA and DZS Team to Bring First Symmetrical Gigabit Hyper-Broadband Services to California’s Inland Empire

21. April 2020

Alameda, Calif, USA – DZS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DZSI), a leading enabler of the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world, is proud to announce that agile and rapidly growing service provider Ultimate Internet Access, Inc. (“UIA”) is the first to bring symmetrical,  gigabit hyper-speed internet services to California’s Inland Empire.

A leading enabler to California’s fastest growing region, UIA is leveraging a unique “fast fiber” business model to bring world-class internet speeds and services to business and residences in Ontario and surrounding communities. With fiber optic services enabled by the multi-terabit capacity DZS MXK-F Optical Line Terminal (OLT) platform and a world-class ecosystem, UIA is changing the competitive landscape in this highly competitive region, tripling its customer base over the last 5 years by offering services up to 100 times faster than typical competitors, and preparing to raise the bar yet again with a simple upgrade to symmetrical 10 gigabit per second (10 Gbps) on the horizon.

“We pride ourselves in being Southern California’s fastest and friendliest fiber optic internet provider, and DZS has played a key role in our ability to achieve this success,” said Wes Zuber, CEO of UIA. “Despite our strong growth since we made the leap to fiber and started using DZS five years ago, we have not had to increase customer support or billing staff, which is a real testament to the quality, reliability, and ease-of-use of their platform. DZS has been a cornerstone of our success, which is why we are excited to be taking our network to the next level with 10 gig services – truly leveraging our robust fiber-rich network as we continue to differentiate ourselves not only as a regional pioneer, but as a global leader.”

UIA and DZS have been working closely together, along with elite partner PSI (Product Source International Datacomm), since 2015. Thousands business and residential customers in the Inland Empire desert area communities have gig capable hyper-broadband internet today through UIA’s fiber optic network. With device proliferation and new applications driving the need for a hyper-connected world, DZS is also providing mesh Wi-Fi solutions for UIA subscribers, allowing them extensive coverage and connectivity throughout their respective premises. Next steps for UIA in-clude further expansion throughout the Inland Empire, and targeted deployments of symmetrical 10 Gbps capable XGS-PON technology to local hospitals, school systems, and the expanding universe of businesses demanding world-class broadband in the region.

“Agile and innovative fiber-focused service providers that embrace the hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world of tomorrow like UIA are extremely important, as they represent the future of the broadband industry,” said Mitch Fleming, DZS SVP of Americas Sales and Global Business Devel-opment. “These types of customers are tailor-made for DZS, as our expertise and world-class platforms map perfectly with the aggressive nature of market disruptors. We are proud to be partners with Wes and his team as they continue to ramp their unique and differentiated services across Southern California.”

About DZS

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