WOBCOM picks KEYMILE’s FTTB solution for fast internet in apartment buildings

12. December 2019

Telecommunications supplier WOBCOM from Wolfsburg in Northern Germany has chosen KEYMILE’s MileGate 2042 to deliver fast internet to apartment buildings. The G.fast DPU allows WOBCOM to present a flexible offering with future-proof, gigabit-range bandwidths to end customers.

Thanks to KEYMILE’s MileGate 2042 Distribution Point Unit (DPU), WOBCOM has an ultra-broadband FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building) solution specifically for apartment buildings. It supports the G.fast standard 212a profile and also means that the Wolfsburg-based telecommunications supplier can deliver future-proof bandwidths of almost 2 Gbps per home via the existing copper wire pairs in the building. As a result, particularly in comparison with cable network operators, WOBCOM has a competitive portfolio, can scale its solution flexibly and offers lower bandwidths at cheaper prices as well.

As an extra service, KEYMILE preconfigures the nodes based on WOBCOM’s specifications and labels the devices accordingly. This guarantees that, as planned beforehand, the G.fast DPUs are localised properly. What’s more, installation doesn’t require on-site staff to be highly skilled so that other contractors can be appointed to do the job. Once installed, the devices can be reached im-mediately by WOBCOM’s NOC (Network Operation Centre) which can immediately import the customised configurations and manage the devices. For added security, the MileGate 2042’s hous-ing can be locked, sealed and protected from unauthorised access by an alarm.

KEYMILE has had a strong track record as a WOBCOM technology partner for about 10 years. KEYMILE’s MileGate IP multi-service access node is a key component of the access infrastruc-ture, both in the telecommunications supplier’s new optical fibre network and existing copper wire network.

“Because of its technical expertise, excellent support and exceptional flexibility, we were impressed with KEYMILE from the word ‘go’. These advantages are also reflected in our current project,” comments Jan Marienfeldt, NOC team leader (WOBCOM). “MileGate 2042 is one of the few prod-ucts on the market that is ideal for FTTB installations. It allows the creation of a flexible, cutting-edge offering, simple installation and easy management.”

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WOBCOM GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of utility Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and a regional provider of tele-communications for the town of Wolfsburg and the surrounding region. Since 1996, it’s been supplying more than 27,000 residential and corporate customers with top-quality, powerful, fixed line data connections, landline telephony, mobile telephony, internet services and operator models. In conjunction with Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, it also sup-plies an optical fibre network in Wolfsburg and therefore plays an important role in the town’s digital infrastructure.
For further information visit: www.wobcom.de.

KEYMILE develops and produces broadband access telecommunications systems. Network operators worldwide use the products to provide top bandwidth to subscribers flexibly and cost efficiently. The portfolio includes access solutions for all types of FTTx network architecture, such as optical-fibre-based ones for active and passive optical networks and copper-based ones with VDSL/vectoring/G.fast technology. KEYMILE also develops solutions so that software-defined, networking technologies can be integrated into the access networks. The company is based in Hanover, Germany and, since 2019, has belonged to Dasan Zhone Solutions (DZS), a leading supplier of network access solutions.

KEYMILE on XING: www.xing.com/companies/keymilegmbh
KEYMILE on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/dzs-keymile

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